Farmington is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit 19th century home and former hemp plantation. The historic home, completed in 1816, is located on 18 acres in the heart of Jefferson County. Farmington provides the community with a fun, family-friendly environment to learn about Louisville’s rich history and life on a 19th century farm through preservation, exhibitions and education.  

Upcoming Farmington Events 2019

Farmington Bourbon Tasting

Saturday, July 27th

4pm under the Brand Pavilion

$75 per person

Historical Presentation by Dr. A James Fuller of University of Indianapolis

Bourbon Tasting with Mike Veach

Light hors d’oeuvres

Click here for tickets.


October 11th


Harvest Festival

October 13th

12pm to 5pm

Fire In the Field: A Farmington Bonfire

November 9th

4pm to 9pm